Day 3

Had coffee & Krapfen this afternoon with my granny… It was soooo good!
I love those times! Chatting and asking as many questions as I can… Trying to inhale and memorize every oh so itty bitty piece of information and wisdom… Granny got sooo old all of a sudden… Who knows how long I still have her around… So that was definitely my happy moment today 🙂


Oh and this one topped it off on the way home:


Have a good evening,


Day 2

So as this is supposed to be a happy challenge, am I actually allowed to say that today was a shitty day? Things just didn’t work as expected today…

Gladly, I had thrown my ooooold headphones in my work purse… And gladly I work in a real cool company where you’re allowed to zone out into your work and listen to any online radio station you wish… So I turned on Steve Harvey’s Morning Show.  My favorite comedian, the best music ever, and then came Nephew Tommy pranking a dad on how the principal of his son’s school won’t send letters or do calls – he whoops the kids… They had me LOL

So thank you to Steve Harvey & Crew, y’all were my happy moment today and y’all brought light into the dark today 🙂


Read you later with Day 3,

Day 1

So where should I start? What does really make me happy?

I have been thinking sooo hard all day long about this… And every time I (thought?) I felt happy, I was wondering if there was more to come… If there was a happier moment to come… Not to mention I was wondering all the time if I was really happy right in that moment… I really felt stupid at times!

Sitting on my couch now, reflecting the day, my most happy moment today was lunch with a very dear co-worker whom I hadn’t seen in a while. As I have been in a hurry and I have been so excited to see her – I didn’t manage to take a pic… Nevertheless – THANK YOU GH for a great lunch!!! :-*

I still managed to take a pic of another happy moment 🙂 Driving home from work, the clouds started to disappear and the sun was coming out:


And by the time I made it home, the sun was shining. Aaaaaah, just a little ray of light can change sooo much! 🙂

Have a great evening,